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Colorado’s Camp Ramah builds bridges by welcoming Jewish-Mexicans

 At a time when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised that if elected, “We’re going to have a big, beautiful wall” dividing Mexico from the United States in an effort to stop illegal immigration, Colorado’s Ramah in the Rockies Jewish summer camp is building a bridge between the camp and a Conservative Bet El Synagogue in Mexico City.

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From Dream to Reality: The Opening of Ramah Galim!

10 Reasons Why This Is a Historic Development for Ramah

The camp season has arrived, and Ramah camps are either underway or about to begin another incredible summer of growth and fun. Over 11,000 campers and staff members, the most in our 70-year history, will participate. This year is truly historic, with the opening of Camp Ramah in Northern California, “Ramah Galim” (“Ramah of the Waves”), in Monterey Bay, south of San Francisco. 

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Kid Tested, and Now Adult Tested: A Grown-Up Taste of Jewish Summer Camp

Scott Michaud is a hard-working lawyer 51 weeks out of the year. But for that final week, the 58-year-old is more at home on the trail than in a courtroom.

“It was my daughter’s idea,” says Michaud, who splits his time between homes in Colorado and Florida. “She told me, ‘Dad, you need to go to overnight camp.’” Since his children had been Ramah campers, the adult camp at Ramah of the Rockies outside Denver seemed like a good choice.

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