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This Awesome Jewish Summer Camp Raises Its Own Chickens - And Uses The Eggs For Challah

A funny incident happened a few weeks back that has since become an integral part of my morning ritual. During Shacharit (the morning prayer service) of the staff training week at Ramah in the Rockies, while standing for the Amidah (silent prayer), I caught myself off guard and giggled: I realized I had been praying for the well-being of goats and chickens.

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These Jewish summer camps are proud to be basic

In the summer of 2010, with just hours to go before campers arrived for the first day of the first season of Eden Village Camp, director Yoni Stadlin got some bad news from the health department: A procedural issue had delayed the issuance of a permit and the camp could not open as scheduled.

Luckily, another camp near the Jewish environmental camp’s Putnam Valley, New York, home offered a temporary space, but staff members were still forced to scramble. One put on a Moses costume and declared that, just as Jews took a circuitous route on their journey to the Promised Land from Egypt, Eden Village campers would take the long road to their summertime home. Daily programming was improvised on the fly. Supplies were whatever could be rustled up. Programs were held in a field or the forest.

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Colorado’s Camp Ramah builds bridges by welcoming Jewish-Mexicans

 At a time when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised that if elected, “We’re going to have a big, beautiful wall” dividing Mexico from the United States in an effort to stop illegal immigration, Colorado’s Ramah in the Rockies Jewish summer camp is building a bridge between the camp and a Conservative Bet El Synagogue in Mexico City.

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Kid Tested, and Now Adult Tested: A Grown-Up Taste of Jewish Summer Camp

Scott Michaud is a hard-working lawyer 51 weeks out of the year. But for that final week, the 58-year-old is more at home on the trail than in a courtroom.

“It was my daughter’s idea,” says Michaud, who splits his time between homes in Colorado and Florida. “She told me, ‘Dad, you need to go to overnight camp.’” Since his children had been Ramah campers, the adult camp at Ramah of the Rockies outside Denver seemed like a good choice.

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A 12-Year-Old Weighs in on Jewish Camp in the Colorado Rockies

For the past four summers, Kaspar has been a camper at Ramah Outdoor Adventure (ROA) in the Colorado Rockies. Kaspar has participated in ROA’s Tikvah Program for campers with disabilities, both as a participant in the Amitzim edah (division) for campers with disabilities and, most recently, as part of the camp’s inclusion program.

Ramah Outdoor Adventure has become her second home and, according to her parents, has been a big part of her everyday happiness and success. Kaspar hopes someday to become a member of ROA’s tzevet susim (“horse staff”). Below is her take on life at Ramah Outdoor Adventure.

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