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From Dream to Reality: The Opening of Ramah Galim!

10 Reasons Why This Is a Historic Development for Ramah

The camp season has arrived, and Ramah camps are either underway or about to begin another incredible summer of growth and fun. Over 11,000 campers and staff members, the most in our 70-year history, will participate. This year is truly historic, with the opening of Camp Ramah in Northern California, “Ramah Galim” (“Ramah of the Waves”), in Monterey Bay, south of San Francisco. 

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“We Need More Ramah”: An Interview with Professor Steven M. Cohen

Prof. Steven M. Cohen is Research Professor of Jewish Social Policy at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, and Director of the Berman Jewish Policy Archive at Stanford University. He is a co-author of “Camp Works: The Long-term Impact of Jewish Overnight Camp,” published by the Foundation for Jewish Camp in 2011. He recently sat down with Rabbi Mitchell Cohen, National Ramah Director, to discuss the challenges facing our community.

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Arriving in Poland, Again

just arrived in Poland for the fourth time, and each trip fills me with a range of divergent emotions.

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The first time was in 1982, on a brief stopover from Moscow as I returned from a two-week visit with Soviet Jewish refuseniks. Martial law had just been declared, the Solidarity anti-Communist movement led by Lech Walesa was gaining strength, and no one could predict the fall of the Soviet Union in just seven years. My three subsequent trips have all been with Ramah — initially with our teens on Seminar and now twice with a Reshet Ramah adult trip.

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Jewish Summer Camp Strengthens Resumes and Character

Mikayla, a rising 11th grader, wasn’t planning to return to Camp Ramah in the Poconos this summer. She was heading into the challenging junior year of high school and already had college on her mind. She thought it was time to start building her resume, to do the typical things that we think impress college admissions officers, like interning at a company or research lab, or volunteering in a faraway country. Then she thought again.

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JTS Chancellor Eisen Inspires Ramah Campers and Staff; Instills Conservative Jewish Pride

I was privileged to travel with JTS Chancellor Arnold Eisen to Conover, Wisconsin, this past Shabbat, where he served as scholar in residence, speaking with many groups of staff as well as Nivonim, the oldest campers. In a packed staff lounge (“the Kopin”) Friday night, Chancellor Eisen made a powerful case for why he is a proud Conservative Jew, and why the teachings and theology of Conservative Judaism are authentic and dynamic for so many modern Jews (whether or not they actively affiliate). He gave some very specific advice regarding improving our communities in synagogues, on campus, and in our camps and schools. As he often states, “Ramah is perhaps the best incubator for passionate, modern traditional Judaism. We need more and more of our young people attending existing camps and we need to seek ways to build new ones.”

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