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Camp Ramah Up Close and Personal

“One of the highlights of my summers is the chance to visit several Ramah camps and to see, up close, what happens when young people experience Jewish living that is joyful, meaningful, and entwined in all they do. I am proud that JTS not only founded the Ramah Camping Movement, but continues to play an integral role in leading and developing this inspiring program.”  - JTS Chancellor Arnold Eisen

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For Ramah Campers, It’s Time to Play ‘Wheel! Of! Torah!’

Wheel! Of! Torah!” That’s what campers were shouting at Camp Ramah in Northern California, their eyes fixed on the one lucky kid who got to spin the brightly colored rainbow wheel in front of the crowd. Well, it was actually “Galgal! Shel! Torah!” but the energy was the same, as kids last summer got ready for a camp activity that turns analyzing Torah portions into something very much like a game show.

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S’more and S’more Jewish Summer Camps around the Bay

Camp Ramah in Watsonville is offering campers an array of four-week “intensives” this summer: scuba diving, surfing, horseback riding and musical composition. Enrollment was up in 2017, the camp’s second year, and Rabbi Sarah Shulman, the director since Day 1, said she expects it will grow again this summer, drawing third- to 12th-graders mostly from the Bay Area....“It has been a pleasure to be a part of the collaborative and collegial overnight Jewish camp community in Northern California with such supportive partners,” Shulman said.

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Thinking on Our Feet: Lessons Learned from Launching a New Camp

When our staff and lay leaders set out to start a new Ramah summer camp along the shores of Monterey Bay, we knew that we would learn tremendous lessons along the way about Jewish camping and about our own ecosystem of campers, staff, and marine flora and fauna. As a process-oriented rabbi and educator, I welcomed this unfolding journey of learning and reflection for our inaugural summer at Camp Ramah in Northern California (Ramah Galim).

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A Note From Camp Ramah, A Heart In Israel

 stand on the beach, surrounded by children and staff of the brand new Camp Ramah in Northern Calinfornia. We sway to the rhythm of our singing and the ocean waves, just yards away. The havdallah candles placed in the sand reflect the joy in our eyes, the smell of the spices mix with the sweet smell of the ocean... I have spent the last two weeks in heaven, as part of this beautiful place. We have created nothing short of a miracle here. Outdoor adventures, ocean explorations, and performing arts, each track of this new camp meeting each child right where they are, lifting their souls ever higher.

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From Dream to Reality: The Opening of Ramah Galim!

10 Reasons Why This Is a Historic Development for Ramah

The camp season has arrived, and Ramah camps are either underway or about to begin another incredible summer of growth and fun. Over 11,000 campers and staff members, the most in our 70-year history, will participate. This year is truly historic, with the opening of Camp Ramah in Northern California, “Ramah Galim” (“Ramah of the Waves”), in Monterey Bay, south of San Francisco. 

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