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Leadership Experiences with Lasting Impact: Maccabiah and Yom Sport

At many of our overnight camps, campers in the oldest edah plan Yom Sport or Maccabiah. They use their creativity and organizational skills, work as a team, and serve as role models for younger campers. Running Maccabiah or Yom Sport--or being chosen as a team captain--is something that campers throughout the Ramah Camping Movement look forward to from the time that they are in the youngest edot.

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A Summer of Civic Engagement

“There are a lot of things going on in the world now,” Rabbi Ami Hersh, director of Ramah Day Camp in Nyack, said. “A lot of tough things. I felt like we needed to find a way at camp, in the Jewish context, to explain to our staff and campers that they really can make a difference in the world, and that their voices could be heard within the context of American politics.”

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New and Expanded Tikvah Programs for Campers with Disabilities

This past April, the 112 riders, hikers, and volunteers on the Ramah Israel Bike Ride and Hiking Trip raised more than $540,000 to benefit Ramah Tikvah programs for children, teens, and young adults with disabilities. During summer 2019, a total of 423 individuals will participate in Tikvah-affiliated programs. It is a privilege to share with you this report on this summer's plans for how Ramah camps will be using the Tikvah funds raised on the ride/hike, both 1) programmatically and 2) for the financial support of families with children with disabilities who also have financial constraints.

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