Year-Round Fellowships: Amitei Ramah

The Ramah Camping Movement has developed several year-round fellowships and leadership teams who work together to engage past, present, and future Ramahniks across North America and across the globe.

Amitei Ramah is our name for the group of over 70 individuals who spend the year as part-time fellows and coordinators, planning Ramah experiences, programs, and events across North America.

Our fellowship cohorts include:

  • Ramah Service Corps Fellowship (university students and post-college young adults)

  • Gesher Ramah Local Coordinators (post-college adults and parent ambassadors)

  • Reshet Ramah Coordinators (post-college adults)

  • Ramah College Network Fellowship (current university students)

  • Amitei Ramah Tzeirim (teen leadership)

  • Backcountry Bayit (post-college adults)

Read on to learn more about the work of our Amitei Ramah cohorts.

Ramah Service Corps Fellowship

The Ramah Service Corps Fellowship (RSCF) is a year-round leadership program, training Ramah staff members to be community leaders and educators through localized efforts in youth and young adult engagement and camp recruitment. The goal of the RSCF is to reenergize Jewish communities and college campuses by harnessing the energy, talents, enthusiasm, and experience of college-age and post-college staff members to work with families, youth, Ramah alumni and students in a variety of Jewish settings. 

RSC Fellows work in a host synagogue, school or community, implementing Ramah-style programs for youth and families, as well as reaching out to prospective Ramah families, recruiting participants for Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim (TRY), and creating programs for young Ramah alumni. 

Launched as a pilot in 2010, the program continues to impact communities across North America in its eighth year, with current sites including Baltimore, Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Mexico City.

National Ramah provides these young leaders with the tools, programmatic support, mentoring and training to help them make a significant difference in Jewish educational outreach in their communities, and guide them in recruitment for camp.

Read bios of the 2017-18 Ramah Service Corps Fellows.

Gesher Ramah Local Coordinators

The goals of the Gesher Ramah initiative, funded by The AVI CHAI Foundation, are to create closer ties between local synagogues and Ramah camps to increase camper enrollment; to bring the magic of camp into synagogue programs; and to train a cohort of clergy and parent ambassadors. Gesher Coordinators are now working in Boston, Minneapolis/St. Paul,  Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Read bios of the 2017-18 Gesher Coordinators.

Reshet Ramah Coordinators

Local Reshet Ramah coordinators plan and implement social, educational, and experiential events for young alumni in their communities.

Each coordinator plans approximately 10 events during the year through the nationally branded campaign calendar. These programs include Outrageous Adar, Pesach Seder Match, Yom Maasim Tovim, OneSukkah, Shabbat Across Ramah and more. Our coordinators are in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, DC, New York City, and San Francisco. Each coordinator identifies the needs of alumni in their local community, and plans events to fulfill those needs.

Read more about Reshet Ramah events in your area.

Ramah College Network Fellowship

A new focus of Reshet Ramah, the Ramah College Network (RCN) is an initiative for Ramah alumni on university campuses. Since the beginning of the fall 2017 semester, Ramah College Network programs have engaged 351 students on 12 campuses through Shabbat dinners, holiday gatherings, social events, and Israel engagement programs.

RCN Fellows plan several events each semester on their college campuses and work to create campus-based Ramah alumni communities.

Read more about Ramah on campus.

Amitei Ramah Tzeirim (Ramah Teen Leadership)

Launched in summer 2018, Amitei Ramah Tzeirim is Ramah’s newest cohort of young leaders, focusing on teen Jewish leadership training, opportunities for Jewish study, and volunteering in Jewish communities across North America.

Backcountry Bayit

Located in Frisco, CO, the Backcountry Bayit (BCB) is a home for communal Jewish living, where housemates devote their time to outreach, engagement, and hosting Jewish experiences for local residents and visitors in Colorado ski country.

The mission of the Backcountry Bayit is to provide a home in the mountains for the rapidly growing Denver/Boulder Jewish community and to encourage and develop the year-round Jewish community present in Frisco, Colorado, through active outreach, engaging programming, and an abundance of enthusiasm. Last year, the BCB hosted more than 150 people at weekly Shabbat dinners and sponsored many other community and holiday programs.