Vocational Education Programs


Ojai, CA

Elana Naftalin-Kelman
Tikvah Director
(310) 476-8571

Ezra is a vocational training program for young adults ages 18-23. Participants are staff at camp and receive job training experience in a number of service areas both in and outside of camp. Program goals include preparing young adults for independent living and teaching them employment-related skills. Camp provides an ideal setting for participants in the Ezra program to grow and thrive with peers under adult supervision in a Jewish setting.


Utterson, ON

Casey and Adam Green
Tikvah Directors
(416) 789-2193

Tikvah campers who are between the ages of 18 – 21 also spend time each week participating in vocational opportunities, with an emphasis on developing and improving their independent living skills. Campers have worked in the office, nursery, kitchen, water ski dock, and tuck shop, among other areas.


Clayton, GA

Audra Kaplan
Tikvah Director
(404) 531-0801

Ramah Darom’s Vocational Training Program is designed for participants of post-high school age and includes job placements within camp. Participants receive coaching in areas of employment, life skills, and relationship development. Placements take into account participants’ ability level, stamina, and vocational interests. Work placements include the following areas: early childhood, farming, dining hall, kitchen, infirmary, administrative/office, maintenance, mailroom, canteen, sports, and art center. In addition, participants are guided in developing meaningful projects based upon their interests and creativity. Participants are valued members of Ramah Darom, enjoying all aspects of our Jewish community.

New England

Palmer, MA

Bonnie Schwartz
Tikvah Director
(781) 400-0204

Tochnit Avodah (Voc Ed) offers vocational training, socialization and a group living experience to young adults with disabilities. Through close communication with participants’ parents and year-round support professionals we develop a summer program individualized to each participant’s needs, focusing on goals in the areas of social skills, job skills, and independent living skills. We also offer summer employment with necessary supports to a select group of graduates of Tochnit Avodah.

Northern California

Monterey, CA

Howard Blas
Tikvah Director
(413) 374-7210

The Ezra Program offers vocational training for young adult campers ages 18 to 26. Individualized internship and mentorship opportunities include, but are not limited to, horse care, office/administrative work, and food services/hospitality. Ezra participants develop life and social/recreational skills through participation in age-appropriate camper and staff activities.


Lakewood, PA

Orlee Krass
Tikvah Director
(215) 885-8556

Participants in the vocational program at Ramah Poconos work in the camp coffee shop, Yedibean, where they sell iced coffee, lemonade, and iced tea to staff members three times a week. Participants shop for ingredients, prepare beverages, sell the products, and handle money. Throughout the summer, participants in the program have the opportunity to develop skills and accumulate experiences that help them reach their social, independent living, and work-readiness goals. Job coaching and weekly classes enforce these vocational skills.

The Ramah in the Rockies vocational education program provides adults (18+) with special needs an opportunity to receive job training in a camp setting. Participants have the opportunity to work in one of several job areas to develop skills such as responsibility, reliability, and efficiency. As a part of a cohort, our vocational education participants meet several times a week to engage in life skills training, social skills training, and Jewish learning together. They live in staff housing with neurotypical staff and have opportunities to engage with each other and other staff members on a regular basis.


Deckers, CO

Moss Herberholz
Rosh Inclusion
(303) 261-8214


Conover, WI

Jacob Cytryn
(312) 606-9316

Atzmayim (Hebrew for “independent”), the Tikvah Vocational Program, is designed to strengthen social and vocational skills in participants who are high school graduates ages 18-21. It is intended to assist in transitioning to an independent living environment such as a college campus or developing the ability to select and engage in leisure activities at home.