Overnight Camp Programs


Wingdale, NY

Elizabeth Chipkin
Breira B'Ramah Director
(201) 871-7262

Breira B’Ramah is a four-week inclusion program for campers with mild to moderate learning, social or emotional challenges, such as ADHD, high-functioning autism, pragmatic, receptive and expressive language issues, and anxiety. This program is designed for campers entering fourth through seventh grades, although once a camper is accepted into the program and reaches eighth grade, a recommendation may be made that a camper stay for the full summer. Campers live in bunks with typical campers and are integrated into all activities, guided by dedicated, trained staff. Campers in the Breira program receive assistance in the areas of social skills, conflict resolution, communication, and frustration tolerance as well as support with organizational and sensory challenges.


Ojai, CA

Elana Naftalin-Kelman
Tikvah Director
(310) 476-8571

The Tikvah Program serves children, teens, and young adults ages 10-23 with learning, emotional, and developmental disabilities.

The Amitzim edah is for campers ages 10-17 and consists of two four-week sessions. Amitzim-ers participate in all camp activities and are included with their typical peers throughout the day. Program goals include teaching independent living skills and modeling appropriate peer relationships.


Utterson, ON

Casey and Adam Green
Tikvah Directors
(416) 789-2193

The Tikvah Program is a six-week program for teens with developmental disabilities, ages 12-21. The program provides recreational, social, and educational experiences for campers. Campers in the Tikvah program enjoy swimming, hiking, sports, and arts and crafts, and also attend daily services, study Hebrew, and learn Jewish customs. Each camper is integrated into the ongoing activities of the camp according to his or her abilities. The program includes a vocational education component for young adults ages 18-21.


Clayton, GA

Audra Kaplan
Tikvah Director
(404) 531-0801

The Henry and Annette Gibson Tikvah Support Program is designed for campers with neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, Intellectual Disability, and Communication Disorder. We are focused on providing a traditional, immersive, Jewish summer camping experience to Jewish children of all abilities. Through individualized approach and support by highly skilled staff, campers build friendships, gain a sense of autonomy, develop independent living skills, learn problem-solving skills, grow as members of the Ramah Darom community and most importantly, have fun! The Tikvah program enhances the entire camp, enabling us to teach our campers by experience what it means to live in a truly inclusive Jewish community.

New England

Palmer, MA

Bonnie Schwartz
Tikvah Director
(781) 400-0204

Amitzim is an eight-week overnight camping program serving 13- to 18-year-olds with a wide range of disabilities, including developmental and intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and neurological impairments. Amitzim campers live in accessible bunks with specially trained counselors and participate in an extensive camping program with numerous formal and informal opportunities for inclusion.

The Inclusion program is for camper-age children with disabilities who live in and participate in the daily activities of a typical bunk. Inclusion campers receive additional support and participate in the full range of camp activities.

Northern California

Monterey, CA

Howard Blas
Tikvah Director
(413) 374-7210

The Tikvah Program, founded in 2016 in Ramah Galim’s inaugural summer, is a two-week program for campers with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities. Campers in the Tikvah program participate in the wide range of camp activities in three specialty tracks: performing arts, ocean exploration, and adventure sports. Special activities include kayaking, surfing, horseback riding, swimming, singing and dancing, rock climbing, Shabbat, overnights, havdallah on the beach and bonding with friends. 


Lakewood, PA

Orlee Krass
Tikvah Director
(215) 885-8556

The Tikvah Program at Ramah Poconos is continuously growing and evolving to offer new opportunities for Jewish children with disabilities. We strive to serve campers with a wide range of disabilities, including developmental and intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning differences, and neurological impairments. Ramah Poconos continues to offer a continuum of experiences for children and families with special needs, including Yedidim (our residential program), the Tikvah track at Ramah Day Camp, and the Tikvah Family Camp.


Deckers, CO

Moss Herberholz
Rosh Inclusion
(303) 261-8214

The Tikvah Program is a full inclusion program that serves adolescents ages 11-17 with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities, including Asperger’s Syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders. Two-week and four-week options are available. With staff support, Tikvah campers are able to be fully integrated into both the base camp and masa (excursion) program. Activities include horseback riding, Jewish learning, rock climbing, wilderness survival, arts and crafts, agriculture, sports, aerobics, and mining as well as meals, activities, evening programs, and Shabbat services. In addition, campers in the Tikvah program go on multi-day masaot (excursions) in the Colorado Wilderness.


Conover, WI

Jacob Cytryn
(312) 606-9316

The Tikvah Program provides inclusion opportunities for children ages 11-18 with learning, social, and communication difficulties, including those who are higher functioning on the autism spectrum. Tikvah provides all the opportunities of the Ramah experience with additional staffing and support. Through individualized programming and supported by highly skilled staff, teens in the Tikvah program develop friendships, have fun, and learn in formal and informal Jewish settings. There is an introductory four-week program, “Taste of Tikvah,” as well as the full eight-week session.