Ramah at 60: Impact and Innovation

Learning from Ramah

History and Leadership

“I Make Jews”: The Role of Rabbi David Mogilner, z"l, and His Influence on Ramah Steven M. Brown

Manifest Destiny: Camp Ramah Extends the Borders Peter A. Geffen

Ramah: A Paradigm for Conservative Jews Michael Greenbaum

Jewish Education and Ramah: Changing Behavior in a Particular Direction Alvin Mars

Leadership at Ramah: The Changing Role of the Camp Director Joseph Reimer

The Three Pillars of Ramah: Then and Now Shuly Rubin Schwartz

Ramah as a Transformative Experience: Five Key Principles Alan H. Silberman

A Period of Growth and Increased Collaboration among the Camps and with JTS Skip Vichness

Impact: Ramah in the Lives of Campers, Staff, and Alumni

The Impact of Camp Ramah on the Attitudes and Practices of Conservative Jewish College Students Mitchell Cohen

Campus and Camp: A Study of College-Age Ramah Staff Jeffrey S. Kress

Social Climate at Ramah: Relationships and Motivation Jeffrey S. Kress and Michael Ben-Avie

The Education of Ramah Counselors: Madrichim as Educators and Learners Zachary Lasker

Romance at Ramah: Six Decades of Ramah Marriages Nancy B. Scheff

The Ramah Experience and the Religious Attitudes and Behaviors of Shelihim Yaara Shteinhart-Moghadam and Jeffrey S. Kress

Innovation: Expanding Programs to Meet Emerging Needs and Interests

The Evolution of the Ramah Nature Experience Seth Adelson

Campers with Developmental Disabilities: The Tikvah Program Howard I. Blas

Reclaiming Piety Joshua Cahan

Our Tikvah Mission: A Recipe for Leadership Herb Greenberg and Barbara Greenberg

Reflections on Eight Summers of Lishma, 1999–2007 Daniel Greyber

Bridging Academia and the Field: The Davidson School and Camp Ramah Cheryl Magen

Ramah Day Camp in Nyack: Creating a Unique Community of Staff Albert Thaler and Amy Skopp Cooper